Cannon Technique

The Cannon Technique has been developed through almost thirty years working in past-life regression therapy, contacting the subconscious to facilitate healing and closure. This technique is different from normal hypnosis. The past-life regression is only the first step, put all together, this technique can help a subject with their present day problems. It is a way to obtain instantaneous relief for illness, phobias, allergies, etc. and can help with personal relationship problems. This can be achieved with only one session, the results can be phenomenal. Hypnotherapy is a Safe and Beneficial Experience. Sessions are particularly useful for helping people in: Behavioural Changes, Attitudes Habits and addictions, Cease Smoking, Weight-loss, Health & Healing, Motivation, Assertiveness and Confidence building, Ego-strengthening, Stress and Relaxation and much, much more! Appointments available early mornings, weekdays, evenings available at Como, Kalgoorlie and various other areas. Jill Blacklock-Reed is also available via Skype for those who live beyond easy travel distance. If you live in Perth or any other area of Western Australia please give Jill a call as a mobile hypnosis therapy service is just another way Jill tries to help everyone. Jill will often travel many hundreds of kilometres to provide Hypnosis Therapy services to clients everywhere across Western Australia.