Hypnotherapy Hypnosis is the use of the trance like state in order to communicate with the conscious and subconscious mind. The role of the Hypnotherapist is to use their skills and make suggestions to help people solve their problems, both and physical and psychological while in the trance state, by allowing the transfer of knowledge between the conscious and the unconscious mind. It is one of the most powerful psychological methods for mental and physical relaxation. Thus, hypnosis is useful for anxiety and stress control, and phobias, getting in touch with our feelings, and in doing so we are able to interact with the unconscious and unlock the mechanism causing the problem and enabling positive change. Hypnotherapy is when hypnosis is used in conjunction with positive suggestion to effect a modification or change in attitude and/or actions in a willing person. A hypnotherapy session may involve a Hypnotherapist asking the client questions about any problems they may have or what they would like to improve about themselves. Anything from giving up an addiction, helping weight loss to gaining more confidence and self-esteem, there are many benefits to taking part in a hypnotherapy session, at the very least the relaxation alone is very beneficial to self-healing and well-being, ad in guided positive suggestion to combat any negative traits and positive changes can be made. What is particularly pleasant about hypnosis is the fact that it is natural and safe when used by trained professionals. If you are ready to give hypnosis therapy a chance, to help improve your life, please contact Jill for further information.