Testimonials have been provided by past clients in the form of emails, cards and letters. Below are what just a few clients have had to say about Jill Blacklock-Reed and the hypnosis therapy services.



Hi Jill,

My name at the time was Jamie (xyz) have changed it to Jamie (xzy) I came to you last year on the 11th August 08 for help to stop me smoking. Well l'm pleased to let you know that l'm coming up to a year of not touching that dirty habit. I even sent 1 of my workers to you and he is the same.
Regards, Jamie
Hi Jill,
My name is Daniel I came to.see you on the 14th Apr 09 (l think it was the 14th) to.quit smoking.
Well I'm happy to say that since our session I have not even had the slightest craving. l honestly feel like I've never smoked.
What is even more incredible is that for years I have had health issues with High Blood Pressure, since
quitting smoking, and making a few other life changes, my Blood Pressure is now 'normal'
I have recommended you to many people in my place of work place and even to random people I see at
shopping centres.
I was a wee bit skeptical prior to our consultation, I am now a firm believer.
I cannot thank you enough Jill.
Regards, Daniel
Hello Jill,
Thank you so much for your great help in finding a way for me to find my positive, constructive self. Life is so much what you make of it,
Kindest Regards
Hello Jill,
Thank you for a fantastic introduction to hypnotherapy. Since my session l have felt continuously more secure in every area of my life and particularly within myself. It really has helped fill the missing gap in my spiritual self and l am letting other people know how much l have gained from the experience.
Take care & love
Hi Jill
I have been given your details and recommendation from a work colleague of mine (Grant). You helped Grant stop smoking 2 years ago, and l can report he has still stopped.
I am interested to see if you can now assist me with the same problem.
Can you advise price and session availability please.
Regards, Dave
I had a blood test a few months ago, and to the enormous credit of the brilliant needle-wielder as well as yourself, I was fine ! A little apprehensive but l just kept breathing, talking and pressing my fingers together as you taught me and l barely felt a thing. A far cry from how l used to be where l would have no strength in my entire arm for days afterwards and be unable to drive for a good 10 minutes after as well. I skipped out of there smiling ! So an enormous thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.
And the last thing - I have given your number to a few people now, but l had a patient here on Monday with needle-phobia as bad as l used to be. I told her and her husband about you and the changes you helped me make. She obviously wasn't in any state to think about it but her husband was super keen (probably liked the sound of not having his hand crushed to a pulp every time she had to be jabbed) I told them to say that they got your number from the girl who used to be afraid of needles and you'd know who l was. I hope they called you!
Thanks again for everything, you have truly changed my life. It seems like such a small thing but l didn't realise how debilitating it really was until it was gone. Now I'm starting to wonder what else is holding me back you can slay !!
Regards Meaghan
Hi Jill
I don't know if you will remember me but a couple of years ago you came to Yokine and did a session of hypnotherapy for my friend Debra and myself. I havn't smoked since and am very grateful for the experience. My sister has been smoking for many years and at Christmas l said to her that when she was ready to stop l would ask you to visit her.
Regards Judy